Mar 2, 2017

December 2016 (minus Christmas post)

Happy girl in her bouncer.
Matty put these pants on inside out and backwards He didn't believe me but those are the pockets.
I wanted to take the boys to see the lights and Santa in the park, but it got too late and was so cold and windy we missed it and could barely walk past some lights in to the building that had an awesome train set up. They loved it but we were sad we missed Santa and we barely made it back to the car the wind was so crazy.
While I was in the bathroom Matty got choked by the blinds cord and thankfully got himself out. I have been hooking the up on the curtain rod hook and he said he opened the blinds and was trying to get it up there then jumping off the windowsill on to Jase's bed and it flew on his neck while he was jumping.

It was weird to know about it after the fact and realize how horrible it could have been. We have talked about not playing with these but I'm sure he thought he was doing a helpful thing and it was an accident.

Even after I cried and hugged him a ton and told him how much I love him and want him to stay safe and I still feel like he didn't really listen. I said many prayers of gratitude that he was safe, and thank my Heavenly Father for watching out for him when I couldn't.
The red mark on his neck, it only lasted a few hrs.
Where I hang the cord usually.
I love her tiny black shoes, they are my favorite church shoes.
A baby sheep.
We all got flu shots at the Dr. I made the mistake of telling Matty the day before and he had been worrying about it for a long time, but I kept explaining why, and we all survived. He would start to cry every once in a while for a few hrs afterwards, just thinking about it. Carrie zonked out after her shots since I nursed her. Then had a giant blow out in McDonalds. The I smashed Jase's finger putting Carrie's car seat in the car. Rough day.
Helping me pick out jewelry for Emily's birthday. Haha. They have crazy taste, but they really thought Cooper would like it.
Milk running down her face.
She is quite happy all the time.
She started sucking on her lip like this for a while.
Paw patrol lunch.
I love the huddled Nativity sets that I find frequently. It is a tiny reminder for me to focus on the Savior and also reminds me how I can be taught by these little kids and learn from their innocence. 
Our first snow this year. We were in Union Gap but Jase had to go to the bathroom so we walked down the sidewalk but he couldn't go very far without stopping to eat some.
First snow for our Girly. It was so sparkly. But then we ended up sliding down a hill and crashing in to a parked car. Good thing we have a giant pickup that didn't get any damage.
We got to spend the night at Aunt Elaine's and she always has some good books. So cozy by the fire in the cabin.
Such a fun travel companion.
3 Sledders. Matty got quite brave and went down a bunch by himself.
It was work to get them all on there and situated.
Her face looks bigger than mine, chubby girl.
Snow angels.
Family pic
The girls taking a run.
I was throwing the blankets down the stairs to the children to take out to the car and accidentally made 2 hooks in one throw. Glad the antlers didn't fall, I couldn't do it if I tried I bet.
Snuggling up to Carrie in my bed, and Jase has an awesome cheese face.
83% for weight. Some serious chub on this baby, every one comments on those cheeks.
I don't know if there is a smilier baby out there. Every time we are in a store and she smiles at older people they say something like Thank you for giving me that smile, that made my day. It's adorable.
New Christmas outfits, they wanted to pose with her when I was doing a photo shoot.
I love how she looks like "are you sure about this mom?" She gets lots of love.
Jase takes my picture frequently.
Just hanging out in the baby bouncer. He at least can get himself out now and not get stuck.
When the boys decorate the tree it cracks me up so bad how they just put all the ornaments on the same branch. Even after I tell them to space it out, they just can't seem to do it. That poor branch was on the ground.
Reading her a bedtime story.
Another shot by Jase. He's getting good.
When we get out the ornaments our Christmas plate is there and Matty just had to set out a cookie and milk for Santa. Too bad it was like 3 weeks early.
Finished decorating in the morning. Matty really wanted to hold Carrie to show Brian how awesome our tree looked.
He has figured out how to hold her like this and stand her up a bit, and he loves to play with her this way.
Loving the package of new ornaments from Grandma Kay.
I went out with the boys for a while for a snow day. They loved finding the toys in the snow.
Jase continues to eat it all.
I don't know what else they do out there.
We went to see Santa, and this was my favorite shot. Matty was telling Jase all the other things he wanted to ask Santa for, and Carrie is wondering what the heck is going on. Jase kept telling us on the ride there that he was going to ask Santa for a pickup like his Daddy's. Matty really wanted to ask for a Lightning McQueen flag car.
Santa baby
Matty was in the dressing room with me and found this shoe cardboard insert, and wanted to wear it as a hat. I thought it was hilarious so let him.
She sits here while we eat and always knocks everything down. The boys love to put their sippy cups by her and have her knock them over. And then they fall off on the floor.
Jase oiled himself up and came out like this. Body builder. Now there is oil all over Carries rug and sheet.
I love this smile. Playing with Daddy.
Just making a giant mess.
We were trying on our Ugly Sweaters and the boys wanted in on the picture.
We went to a disgusting Chinese buffet. It makes me sick just thinking about it. But Carrie tried an orange and loved it.
I made Brian take me to a Gentri Christmas concert. It was good but not as amazing as the first time I heard them. But we braved the blizzard to get there.
Brian enjoyed snuggling.
She is a real beauty. Her eyelashes look like they have makeup on sometimes.
This little hat came with her stocking, so I tried to get a cute pic, but it was just too small.
She thought the tree was amazing though.
We love to hang out after nursing.
I had Jase take a picture of me since it was getting crazy, sewing my nativity costume with Matty and Carrie was not an easy task. Getting 4 costumes ready was difficult.
We went to a practice for the Christmas in Bethlehem Nativity since the boys and I were Angels, and Carrie fell asleep so I decided not to take her up on the hay stacks with me and gave her to "Mary" and was so glad I did, I felt so frightened up there, that was way too high. Matty didn't think anything of it but Jase was clinging to me.
The program was so magical and we could really feel the Spirit of the birth of Christ.
My dad made this huge star, and it really made a huge impact. I loved all the little shops and everyone dressed up.
Some of the Angelic choir. Matty can sing Oh Come All Ye Faithful so well though, it is so cute.
Matty was singing with the kids here. Jase and I were sitting.
I just swaddled up my baby.
 This was the only picture I have of Brian. He played the part of Isaiah prophesying of the birth of the Savior.
 Our whole family that came. We are filling up the place now.
Brian had Jorge take his pickup to the shop and on the way this happened. It was in the shop a while after that.
We were at the park singing after the lighted parade, and the music there was so loud and it was quite cold, I was trying to muffle and keep my baby warm with my muffs.
It was adorable.
She gets her hands together and then can't get them apart.
Christmas jammies.
This is after Christmas, the boys love to swing her. It is dangerous.
First time in the high chair.
She loves playing with my purse, her favorite toy.
Her sweet little chunky rolly soft skin is my favorite.
We just had to get this fluffy poof. This was her first shopping cart experience.
Trying another photo in front of the tree. She just couldn't focus. I love those socks.
Company bowling, the boys did so much better this time, we did arcades first and then bowled, I think that helped. And they didn't run off as usual.
Jase bowling.
Matty in suspense.
She got passed around, He just loves to give hugs.
Matty tried without the alligator. He's a real boy.
Um, this is too cute.
Matty was helping rake the leaves with Aunt Sarah.
Jase also, we visited Grandma quite a bit, lots of family came to see her so we came over more.
We were going back and forth to Grandma's house and Matty kept driving over. One time he drove over to get a game and put it in the passenger seat and drove over with his arm over the seat. Then parked like a real car.
The kids were playing a fun game, roll by on the stool and everyone throw pillows at you.
Brian made his famous wings for the New Year's party. We celebrated at 9:00, my favorite tradition.
12/1 - I just totally burned a waffle to death and Matty said "You love burnedness"
12/4 - Matty asked why I was crying, I told him it makes me sad to think about missing my Grandma, so he said "well just don't think about it". I guess that's the key.
12/6 - Matty has made up a game where they are babies and do bad things: make messes, throw things, don't share, litter etc... And I am supposed to tell them not to do those things. His game sounds awful. I told him he can't play it. It is too close to real life.
12/11 - Jase had the eternal poop. He practically missed his first class sitting in Primary. But he went right in and sat quietly.
12/? - Knock Knock, Who's there? Ninja Turtles. Ninja Turtles who? .....BOX! (Jase's joke)
12/18 - I walked in on Matty reading Jase a "story" from the Chinese Calendar we got at the buffet "And then, the rock and roll flute player fluted that dragon away!"

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